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The Anchor

Lets imagine that you are a sailboat out on the ocean. Something is holding you back.

You think it’s either the ocean, the waves, the weather, all the other circumstances. Everything else, but you is effecting your success. Its distracting you from moving forward.

Now, take a moment and pause. Look around you and you will find out what is holding you back.

Its your anchor. The anchor from your sailboat.

The anchor

The anchor can stand for multiple things that are holding you back, like: anxiety, fear of failure, cultural background, upbringing, old and non-supporting believes. On the other hand the anchor can give you security. Evaluating your anchors weight and the meaning of it in your life will take a lot of work and reflection to eventually let go of old thought patterns and non-supporting believes and move forward. Non-supporting believes can be like: "I have failed too much. I have been disappointed so many times. This goal is to ambitious, to high, to big, to overwhelming!" You rather stay in your comfort zone with your anchor in the ground. " I don't want any confrontation. Definitely not with myself!

Let go and move forward

By now you should be aware that you are in your comfort zone, in your nutshell -with the anchor attached- and you actually want to step up and reach your visionary goals.

Your time is limited -sorry, to say-, so why not use this limited time while doing your best, the most beautiful work with passion and besides you will inspire and motivate people around you!?

Step 1. Clear negative believes out of your system

As soon as you have cleared out old thought patterns and focused on what you want, what your good at and what fulfills you, you are ready to move on. 70% of the work is done when negative believes and mindfucks have been uncovered. You will get immense motivation and momentum to take the next steps towards your goals.

Step 2. Focus

Stop focusing on what could happen, how the worst case could look like or what you are not good at. Focus on how you can succeed, how you can reach your goals and what you are passionate about and especially what you have already achieved and are grateful for. Don't get distracted by your mindfucks! Stay focused, because:

It’s not who you are, that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not, that is holding you back.

Don't wait. Don't wait for nothing. And use your anchor wisely.

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