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Stagnation or give your forehead a break

Gönn deiner Stirn doch mal ne Pause

Today more than ever, meditation is used as a relaxation method and is also used in various psychotherapies. Simply put: meditation is a mindfulness and/or concentration exercise. Scientific studies have shown that regular meditation can help with health problems such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, stress and anxiety. It also improves brain activity and makes it more stress-resistant and resilient. And now it comes: Humans need stress in order to be a top performer, either to achieve a goal or to escape from a threat, for example a saber-toothed tiger. However, this stress should subside as soon as the goal has been reached or the escape has been successful. Unfortunately, it's not that easy anymore, because after each goal we have to fulfill another one or two or even three goals all at once. Now you have a choice. I can live a life that does not allow - and I mean zero - stress. Then we speak of stagnation, and it's like being lifeless or passed out. If you do not choose stagnation, but want a life with fulfillment and many goals, we need something that brings us back down and lets us be more centered again.

Part of my recipe to calm down, quasi to survive in today's time and this even in a pretty happy manner is: Meditation! So what can meditation give you for your everyday life? Not all of us live in a Zen monastery ... Below you will find a few arguments if the above was too little meat on your bones: ensures calm, that is, a "break" behind the forehead In the usual awake state we think about anything and everything non-stop. Our thoughts are constantly circling. Sometimes consciously, but mostly our thoughts celebrate a huge New Year's Eve party. In itself, this is quite normal. Our mind is constantly on the move and your brain is constantly "on". However, constant circles of thought can cause intense stress, as it reminds us, among other things, of our various to-do lists without us having an actual to-do list or it can cause us to not fall asleep at night. Meditation can help you press the mute button. It is not about removing the thoughts but about letting go of the thoughts. We create our own world of thoughts.

Meditation increases awareness and concentration There are various meditation techniques, one of them is to fully focus on your breath. By focusing on your own breath you are brought back into the current moment. Past worries and future plans fade away. All that matters is the now. In this way your own mind is trained to stay with one thing and without distraction. This promotes concentration and allows us to live more presently, more clearly and more consciously over time.

Meditation supports stress relief Blood pressure and pulse decrease during meditation. A wonderful by-product is created: Relaxation. In addition to the mind, the body also comes to rest. When we are physically stressed, the trigger is in our thoughts. For example: If we are facing an important exam, we get sweaty, shaky hands and our focus is all over the place. If we pause for a moment in a situation in which we are distructed by our thoughts about this upcoming test and concentrate on our breath, then the pulse slows down and the body can also return to normal and is able to perform better through deeper focus.

Meditation leads to more serenity You can develop a certain distance from the huge tangle in your head through meditation. You can actively distance yourself from your distracting thoughts through meditation. The same applies to your feelings, which strongly influence your thinking and thus your actions (sometimes stronger than we would like to admit). I see my job as a meditation trainer in giving you an ace for your sleeve so that you can give your forehead a break and give yourself a healthier and happier life. PS: Sharing is caring. If you liked this article and it opened a new view on Meditation, feel free to share it with your loved ones and with all people who might also find it helpful.

Namaste and a big thank you!

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