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Put your oxygen mask on first

If you try to help others first, before being safe in the first place you might hit rock bottom. In a decrease of cabin pressure it takes up to 15 seconds until you hit unconsciousness.

Why do we human beings always need to hit rock bottom, before we change for the better and this for good? If we hit rock bottom, do we change our behavior? Do we change for the better? Do we leave our old believe system behind? Or do we start all over with the same patterns again? Most probably the last one. We need to be willing to leave our old self with all our old habits, believes and mindfucks behind. This means: Give notice to your old self. Become bold.

Start the process

To start the process of becoming bold, we must be aware that it will take time, because it also took time to become who we are today. Starting the process will mean to be taking one step at a time. It is just one easy thing we need to do, and that is making a decision. That’s all. We have to make the decision to start. We have to make the decision to change and put on the oxygen mask first.

Make a decision

We have to make the decision on how to live your life. Moreover, we have to make it every morning.

For example: I wake up every morning before everybody else (in my case 2 humans, one dog). I take time for myself. I meditate. I make that decision every single morning. And let me tell you: it’s not the same happy go lucky feeling every morning. Sometimes I feel like staying in bed, especially when I feel the warmth of a loved one beside me. Nevertheless, I make the decision every morning, because that is me putting on my oxygen mask first. I do the things that are good for me in the morning, because it fuels my energy and lets me stay in a state of mind in which I have the strength to take decisions all day long.

As easy as that

Making decisions isn’t easy for us Human beings. We tend to overthink. We know that a certain behavior we have is either wrong, is an addiction or not in favor of others or ourselves. Still, we decide not to resist or give in and act the same way as we used to and feel comfortable doing so. It is a decision we make. If we are in state of always complaining and not doing anything. It is our decision not to change anything.

A few questions to you as a reader of this blog:

Do you feel like the whole world is against you? It is your decision to feel this way and to act accordingly.

Do you feel stuck and might need some support? It is your decision not to take action or to take action and start changing your patterns in your favor. If you feel like you start overthinking: Stop. Stop and count from 5 to 1 and act. Act in your favor for the long run and and put your oxygen mask on first.

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