Is your partner getting your leftovers?

“We have drifted apart.” Is a statement of couples that do not see future with each other anymore.

I have heard this exact sentence a few times and have even said it myself.

But then I challenged myself by questioning the root of this and how we could change it.

My conclusion:

Take time for each other

It doesn’t happen just like this, no. it brings some sort of effort.

Shared experiences and adventures develop and you form a feeling of belonging to each other in certain areas of your life. If you have time for each other, your communication gets to another level and deepens. More depth and intimacy can develop. The optimal combination of the feeling of belonging to each other and keeping your own privacy might be the magical formula.

I would like to invite you to imagine those following steps:

You get ready for your challenging job

You shower

You shave /put your make up on

Make your hair

You put your adequate clothes for your work on

You try to arrive early in the office

When you see a colleague your greet them friendly and might even chitchat a bit

You prepare yourself for important meetings

You were able to convince clients of your product by being professional and passionate about your job